Briskin Elementary is committed to graduating students who are...


Our child-centered and holistic focus is grounded in principles of child development with an emphasis on academic excellence.

We believe that the whole child needs to be engaged to develop life-long habits of learning. Every day, our talented teachers lead our students on an interactive and integrated journey of intellectual, emotional, and creative discovery. Upon graduating, our students go on to the finest private and public schools in Los Angeles.  Briskin Elementary graduates bring with them a skillset that allows them to engage their minds critically and creatively.  Informed by Jewish values, their perspective is infused with compassion and a sense of justice, as our alumni continue to be joyful, present learners able to meet the challenges beyond Briskin Elementary.

Understanding that the world is ever-changing, we cultivate resilient, adaptable students.

At Briskin Elementary, we help students develop the skills to read, write, and compute, with the understanding that each child learns at his own pace.  Valuing a human experience rich with wonder and awe, we focus on discovery-based learning to develop active contributors and collaborators. Housed in the heart of a loving and diverse Temple community, our teachers and community inspire learning and innovation skills, honor and engagement in Jewish heritage, and participation as world citizens.